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Since 1994, B&B Technologies, located in Tekamah, NE, produces a full range of Ag, Turf, and Lawn Care sprayers. We also manufacture Combine Headcarriers, Fertilizer Carriers for lawn care, Hydraulic Drive Vicons for turf and much more.

Customers always come first at B&B Technologies. We are a small, family-owned company that has the flexibility to meet our customer's special applications. Contact Bill, Ron or Jason at 1-800-847-9875, or come see us today!



We sell Agriculture, Turf, Spot, ATV, Acreage and Boom Sprayers. Our Self-Leveling 80' Cross-Fold Boom offers total hydraulic fold and is self-leveling.

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Turf Equipment

We offer Textron, John Deere, Toro and Turf Tech products. Our Turf Tech Model 300 offers the operator greater safety and spraying accuracy.

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Spreader Carriers

Our Turfco Ride On Carrier 2 eliminates fertilizer and chemical spills, improves speader life, securely locks in place and is easy on and off.

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We sell booms, single trailers, sprayers, head carriers and more. Our XXL Large Single Trailer Sprayer offers narrow row spacing with large single tires.

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Watch the 80' Self-Leveling Cross-Fold Boom unfold!

Total Hydraulic Fold and Self-Leveling

  • Boom comes standard with 4 function Fasse valve - it operates off of only one tractor outlet.
  • Raise or lower right or left side separately to go over fences, terraces, ditches without effecting the opposite side.
  • Spring loaded break-away end sections return to spray position if an obstacle is hit.
  • Anything that moves has a grease fitting.
  • Convertible boom sprays in 80' or 60' position.
  • Transport width 12 1/2' wide and 10 1/2' height.
  • Fits trailer or 3-point.

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The NEW Matrix Auto Steer


Choose Matrix Pro GS or Compact Matrix 430 from TeeJet. Call us today at 402-374-2575 or toll free 1-800-847-9865 for a demo.

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Hydraulic Folding 30' & 42' Booms

Watch a video of the 30' Boom unfold. Total hydraulic-folding boom w/spring loaded break-away end sections.

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